Order of the Beer Wall

Since 1993, the most intrepid and courageous beer drinkers have joined the quest to conquer the beer wall.

Here’s the scoop: If you drink one each of the 90 or so bottled beers we offer, you become a member of the Order of the Beer Wall. In addition to the adoration of masses of fans, you get an exclusive t-shirt, you name is recorded on the plaques at the bar, and most importantly you get 20 ounces of draft beer for the price of 16 for the rest of your life.

The 20 ounce dimpled beer stein, known here as the “wall mug,” is how your fellow “wall muggers” identify you…which might lead to the occasional high five or fist bump. We are a friendly sort!

We also host periodic special events for wall muggers, and they are first in line for giveaways from our favorite brewers and distillers.

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