Mmmm…New Menu Items!

We came up with this amazing new menu and to say we are excited about it is an understatement. Lots of goodness to choose from like the Summer Sandwich,  Caprese Salad, Annie’s Salad, Chicken Goat Cheese Wrap, Make Your Own Burger and so much more! You’ve GOT to come give it a try. Gluten-free items are also available if you have a gluten sensitivity. Click the button below and check it out!

New Menu

“The new items on the menu ROCK! Loving that new Caprese Salad” ~ as stated by our most regular of regular customers who hangs out at the bar…um, regularly…

caprese salad with pesto

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No contact delivery is available today!

Today's no contact lunch delivery menu is one Meat/Protein + 3 sides for $12.95. It's your choice of pork BBQ, meatloaf, or wagyu hamburger steak with sauteed mushrooms and onions and three sides: mashed potatoes and gravy, Mac and cheese, beer battered fries, pork and beans, steamed broccoli, squash casserole, and some amazing looking collard greens. We also have wings! How it works: Call the restaurant at 696-1665 between 11 and 2 to order. We will collect payment by credit card at the time of ordering, so we can drop off the food and your credit card receipt where you want it and still maintain safe social Distancing. Please, no cash. There is no extra charge for delivery. We have expanded our delivery area to include Flat Rock, Kanuga road, and the areas north and east of Hendersonville city limits. Please have your credit card ready when you call. We also have gift certificates available, and we are running a special on our St Patrick's day t-shirts for $15 and out regular Hannah's shirts for $18. As always, thank you so much for the support! Full Menu is not available