Rhythm and Brews ~ Hendersonville, NC

The next concert in the Rhythm and Brews Series kicks off at 5 PM on Thursday, July 16th..  Come have an early dinner, check out the band, and have a beer from our friends at Southern Appalachian Brewery and Naked Apple Cider. The event is in the parking lot right behind Hannah’s, and admission is FREE!

Opening acts go on stage at 5, and headliners begin at 7 PM.  The concert series continues on August 20th, and the season’s final show is September 17th.


Mmmm…New Menu Items!

We came up with this amazing new menu and to say we are excited about it is an understatement. Lots of goodness to choose from like the Summer Sandwich,  Caprese Salad, Annie’s Salad, Chicken Goat Cheese Wrap, Make Your Own Burger and so much more! You’ve GOT to come give it a try. Gluten-free items are also available if you have a gluten sensitivity. Click the button below and check it out!

New Menu

“The new items on the menu ROCK! Loving that new Caprese Salad” ~ as stated by our most regular of regular customers who hangs out at the bar…um, regularly…

caprese salad with pesto

Sweet Crude plays Saturday, 2/26

Sweet Crude, a local 5 piece band, will perform at Hannah’s on Feb. 26th, playing classic rock. As always, there is no cover charge.

Hannah’s 20th Anniversary! Woohoo!!!

Yep. You are officially invited!

On Tuesday, March 19th we will be celebrating 20 years in Historic Downtown Hendersonville.  To thank all the customers who have kept the doors open over the years, we will roll prices back to 1993 on some of our most popular dishes.  There will be drink specials, giveaways, live music, and some fun stuff happening in the bar area around happy hour time.  Also, each member of the Order of the Beer Wall will get a $10 food credit for use on that day. Our whole regular menu will be available in addition to the specials.

20th Anniversary Menu


YES! We Have Wings For Your Party, Gathering, Get Togethers…

Here’s the scoop on ordering a bunch of amazing Hannah Flanagan’s wings for your party:

Our original bone-in wing or Jamaican Jerk “Naked” Wings

  • 25 for $21
  • 50 for $40
  • 100 for $75
For no extra charge, the original wings can be tossed in one of our famous sauces (Honey BBQ, Hot, Shoot Fire, or Honey Garlic).  Platters of 50 can be made with 2 sauces, and platter of 100 can have up to four, if you like.  Platters include celery, hot sauce, blue cheese or ranch, and plenty of handi-wipes! The jerk wings are baked and then chargrilled, and our original wings are fried.Ryan

Boneless Wings

  • 10 for 4.95
  • 20 for 8.95
  • 50 for 19.95

These can be tossed in up to two special sauces.  Hot sauce, celery, and ranch or blue cheese are included.

Larger quantities are also available. To order, call 696-1665 on Sunday to talk to one of our beautiful and talented Executive Bartenders.  Cheers!

What Happened To All The Bands?

A customer recently asked me a good question:  Why doesn’t Hannah’s have live music any more?  He recalls the days when we had a band every weekend, sometimes two bands, and notes that there were usually good crowds to see them.

The answer is all those bands made me lose lots of money.

Here’s how:  A good band costs about 500 bucks.  We found that a good band could increase gross  sales by roughly the amount we paid them.  Given that our net, like all restaurants, is a small fraction of the gross, we were taking $500 off the bottom line in order to add a few dollars to the bottom line.  Yikes!   We were busier than we would have been without the band, but the band’s expense made us lose money on that extra business.   Not smart, I soon realized.  Restaurants can’t afford to take losses like that when taxes, rents, and payroll expenses are always going up.  Confusing being busy with making money is what crushes inexperienced folks who open bars and restaurants.

Musicians understand this issue, and they have a solution:  Cover charges.  Using the above example, if I charged a $5 cover and 100 folks came to see the band, my overhead would be covered before the first note was played.  In order to do this I would need a separate area for the music, which I just don’t have.  Blocking off archways within Hannah’s to separate the rooms won’t fly with the fire marshall.  Also I’m just not comfortable telling my longtime regulars that they suddenly have to pay to come in.

So Brent, the bottom line is I don’t see a way to have live music on a regular basis without losing money.  If anyone has a viable idea to make bands work, I’m all ears.

Live Reggae At Hannah’s

Bitter Gemma plays Friday June 19th at 10 pm